Surit Aryal
surit, imsurit, srt
An open source enthusiast and promoter.
Loves sports, food and pets. I am an active volunteer at Mozilla, FOSS Nepal, NOSK and other various open source projects.

Surit is an open source enthusiast and advocate by heart. He has been contributing to various open source project since past nine years. The open source project that he has been contributing includes the mozilla community, LibreOffice, Ubuntu, OpenStack etc.

In addition to the international communities, Surit has also been a part of local community like FOSS Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Nepal Open Source Klub etc. He has been invited to many national and international events around the globe as a participant and a speaker.

Surit is a linux system admin by profession. He has been in this profession for more than four years now. He has experience on cloud and also worked as a DevOps consultant for a local company in Nepal for about 3 months.
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