Hello World !!!

Greetings from fellow inhabitant of earth

An open source enthusiast and promoter. I am a student of Software Engineering in Nepal. Besides my academic status I am an active volunteer at Mozilla, FOSS Nepal, NOSK and other various open source projects.

Things I Can Do

The following mentioned tasks are performed by an expert under his own supervision. Don't even think about trying this at home or school or anywhere.

  • Write some code
  • Stack small boxes
  • Read books and stuff
  • Drink much coffee
  • Lightning bolt
  • Shadow clone technique

A Few Accomplishments

Some of the few accomplishments achived by me.

My name in Firefox Monument.

Mozilla raised a monument back in early 2014 to thank its all contributors around the world. As a mozilla contributor from Nepal, my name was also engraved there for like forever 😀

My name in mozilla contributors list

My name was added to mozilla contributors list as a part of thanking mozilla contributors.

Contact Me

Want to meet me ? Or have a message for me ? Or just want to say hi. Contact me.